What about Mound Building?

Posted: August 27, 2021 in Uncategorized
Photo: Rob Douglas

I love the termite mounds of the Kimberley. They are a familiar sight throughout the north of Australia. When we first got to Derby I did a video, as I do, about the termite mounds and I reflected on what they may teach us about the church. I talked about the way the termites worked together to produce these amazing mounds and how the termites can be a great example to us of working together and producing great results together.

Then I thought about what I said, and realised that there is probably another, and maybe a more important message for the church. As I looked at these mounds all across the environment, I pondered on the fact that the church is busy building its own termite mounds. Like the termites we work away creating amazing structures that protect our colony and everyone can see what a great job we do. Unfortunately, all our feverish work is only to make a comfortable environment for ourselves and all people can see is the outward structure.

That sounds very critical and I know it’s not typical of all of Christ’s followers or his church, but it’s intended to prompt our thinking.

In these COVID times I wonder if it is time for us to look beyond some of the things that have been important to the church in the past and to re-think about our role. The purpose of this video is to encourage followers of Jesus to think more about this, and to start a conversation about what the church may look like in the future. I’d love this site to be a place where people feel free to discuss their ideas and help us to look beyond termite mound churches, and discover God’s calling in a fresh new way.

Check out this video and let me know your thoughts.

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