Come Eat With Me.

If a meal is a metaphor for a relationship, then there’s no better way to describe God’s purpose for his people than as an invitation to a meal with the Maker. In Come Eat With Me, Rob Douglas explores hospitality as a biblical theme and a description of a rich relationship between God and humanity, highlighting the benefits and challenges along the way.


“Table, plate, cup—few things are more domestic or ordinary. In the hands of Rob Douglas, however, they become symbols of divine-human hospitality. By interlacing short, imaginative retellings of biblical stories with evocative personal experiences, Douglas invites us to feast on a big idea—God wishes to dine with us. A book to savour and enjoy.”

—Sheridan Voysey, writer, speaker, broadcaster, and author of The Making of Us: Who We Can Become When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned

“Come Eat With Me is a lovely book on life and hospitality, soaked in Scripture and narrative, and written with a warm and generous spirit. Rob Douglas knows the power of story, and the stories in this book are moving and exquisitely told. This is also a timely and important book that calls us to respond to the astonishing hospitality of God, who is the consummate host. I found this book inspiring, and wholeheartedly commend it to you.”

—Graham Hill, Senior Lecturer in Theology at Morling Theological College, author ofGlobalChurch and Healing Our Broken Humanity

“Not only is Rob Douglas the consummate host, welcoming us into his world with warmth and kindness, he is also a gifted storyteller, bringing to life tales from both the world of the Bible and our own in a way that stretches and inspires. It is a pleasure to commend this wonderful book.”

—Brian Harris, Principal, Vose Seminary, Perth, Australia

Rob’s first book, “He Speaks Our Language” now available wherever you buy “Come Eat With Me”

He Speaks Our Language is the biography of Wilfrid Henry Douglas, a veteran linguist and missionary to Aboriginal people in Australia for more than 60 years. Wilf is the father of the author, Rob Douglas. The book is based on memoirs written by Wilf prior to his death in March 2004.

The book traces the journey of Wilf from his childhood in Belfast, Northern Ireland and his transportation to a children’s home, Fairbridge, in rural Western Australia as a 12-year-old, never to see his parents again. Experiences at Fairbridge affected Wilf later in life when he was responsible for closing down Aboriginal children’s homes at Sunday Island in the far north of Western Australia and at Warburton Ranges in the desert. Exciting stories are told of Wilf and his Aboriginal colleague paddling across dangerous whirlpools in a dinghy in huge tides in the saltwater country in the north of Western Australia, to weeks stranded in the central Australian desert waiting for repairs to a broken down truck.

The biography belongs as much of the many Aboriginal people who contributed to Wilf’s life as it his own story. People like the sinewy Bardi man who accompanied him on his whirlpool nightmare, the fox-hunter who taught Wilf his first Aboriginal word on a dusty road in the West Australian wheatbelt, and the desert man who sat with him for many hours sharing his language and culture. It also includes more well known people such as Ernie Dingo and Albert Namatjira. Wilf contributed significantly to the knowledge of Aboriginal languages across Australia, and to the translation of the Bible into a number of Aboriginal languages. But the story traces the way in which he faced the odds in learning Aboriginal languages when missions didn’t think this was necessary, and listening to the stories of Aboriginal people when others wanted to evangelise without listening. It is a story of courage and hope.



Slices of Fruit


Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 7.33.15 PM

A set of virtues has been preserved for us that have become known as “the Fruit of the Spirit”. The author’s reflections on these virtues, supported by his own photographs, are like slices of fruit. These snippets of everyday life encourage us to think about how love, joy, peace, and so on, can become a transforming influence on our lives. An inspirational coffee table book ideal as a gift or just for yourself.


    Visiting my daughter and son-in-law in Mount Claremont (we’re all from Belfast), Mark came home at lunchtime with ‘He Speaks Our Language’. I couldn’t put it down and have just finished it six hours later. What a story! And written in such an easy-to-read and interesting way. Inspirational. Thank you.

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