Inspire Newscast

Rob Douglas is a Visual Storyteller, whose background as a pastor, community worker and journalist, give him opportunity to explore our world through unique eyes.

Tired of always seeing bad news on TV?.

Inspire Newscasts appear on YouTube every Thursday night (West Australian time). They’re five-minute long good news stories about people and communities that are making a contribution in their own way. Join Rob Douglas as he explores great stories each week.

Some of the great stories you’ll see on Inspire Newscast

Stories about people like Tom Hogg and his amazing garden, Romancing the Stone

Stories about communities like Kalamunda that showed resilience in COVID 19

Kay’s Bears. Hear how teddy bears can be a way of supporting children
who can’t accept themselves
Follow Rob Douglas as he travels around the Mid West and Murchison
regions of Western Australia in the steps of John Hawes, architect,
builder, priest and artist.