Sport and Religion – Is there a Difference?

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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The Australian Sports Commission has released a report today that says that Australia’s sporting clubs have the potential to recruit an additional 3.8 million members if they consider new ways of delivering sport to Australians who want to get involved in club-based sport.

The report, released by Minister for Sport, Kay Lundy, identifies 10 adult segments and shows where the best potential for growth lies.

The issues raised in the report sound very similar to the issues faced by the 21st century church and I wonder if there is anything we can learn from this report.

The 10 segments identified in the report are the Loyalist, the Socially Engaged, the Sport Driven, the Apathetic Clubber, Sidelined Sportsters, Club Wary, Ponderers, Self-focussed, Sport Indifferent, and Sport Atheists.

They’re all there in sport, and Australian sports clubs are currently hurting as people move away from organised sport.

… And they’re in the church too.

This is a document that needs to be read by church leaders.


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