All We Need … is a Great Website

Posted: August 31, 2013 in Uncategorized
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ImageLast night I attended the launch of the amazing new website for “All We Need is Right Here”.

This is a brilliant community initiative to support the various communities that make up the Shire of Kalamunda.

Using the principles of Assets Based Community Development, All We Need is Right Here is seeking to:

  • identify and celebrate the personal, organisational, cultural, physical, business and networking assets, capacities and passions of communities within the Shire;
  • map, link and promote these assets and passions to enhance community connection, community involvement, social capital, resource sharing, volunteerism and networking; and
  • identify opportunities and initiatives for connected people, places and things to create positive community outcomes across the Shire.

The website covers the wide range of people, things, groups and events that exist within these local communities and provides opportunity for neighbours to link up with each other. It’s a great resource.  Congratulations to the team who have been involved in putting it together.

I guess at the heart of the website and the whole “All We Need is Right Here” project is the recognition that people need people, and the more we can do to encourage people to connect with each other in meaningful and fulfilling ways, the better.

All we need … is not just a great website … but hopefully it’s one of the ways we can begin to build healthy local communities and neighbourhoods.

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