Why worry? Watch the Planes Landing

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Uncategorized
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ImageLast night we went to the airport. We weren’t going on holiday, and nobody was flying off to distant places. We went to the airport so our two grandsons could see the planes. It reminded me of going to the airport when I was a child, except then you could lean over the railings, and smell the avgas and hear the noises.  Now you have to look through a big pane of tinted safety glass.  But we still saw the planes … and the trucks … and the buses. An airport is a busy place.

In a busy world, it is so important to take time to smell the roses, look at the planes and find other opportunities to experience the simple joys of life. It’s important to appreciate family and friends, and it’s great to go to an airport with no intention of going anywhere … just to look at the planes with children who get such joy from simple things.

Through the pressures of life and the times of worry, it’s worth being reminded of the practical words of Jesus:  Consider the ravens, he said. God looks after them, so won’t he look after you even more?  Do you think that by worrying you will add an hour to your life? Not that you’d want an extra hour, because you’d probably just fill it up with more worrying. The last bit was my words, not Jesus’!

Consider the wildflowers, Jesus said.  They don’t fuss around being busy all the time, but God cares for them and he’s going to care for you even more.

Take time for the simple things in life: listen to the birds, look at the wildflowers, go and watch the planes landing, and give thanks to your Maker.

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