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Posted: October 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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HCS logoIt was a pleasure tonight to launch Hope Community Services at Linton and Kay Galleries in Perth.

Formerly Drug ARM WA, tonight’s launch marked the culimination of more than a year’s review of our branding, leading eventually to a name that reflected the heart of the organisation.

It was a pleasure to explain tonight how the new name represented a full circle for the organisation that was established in Perth 111 years ago as the Band of Hope and Temperance League, eventually becoming the WA Temperance Alliance then in 1993 became Drug ARM WA.

I explained tonight that in 2010 we began the process of looking at our statements of vision, mission and values and a new word found its way into our vision statement:

It was a new word, yet it was an old word. It was a word that the organisation started with 111 years ago when the City Band of Hope and Temperance League was set up. It was the word hope.

Our vision statement became “Nurturing Hope and Opportunity”. And we began to explore what it meant to offer hope in many different ways to people who were bereft of hope because of the circumstances in which they found themselves. Addictions, family breakdowns, incarceration and mental illness all contributed to feelings of hopelessness, and worthlessness.

So it wasn’t surprising that as we began the process of reviewing our brand, that once again the word hope came to the forefront. During this time we engaged a consultant to help us reflect on both the past and the future of the organisation, and to hear the thoughts of the people who made use of our services, as well as staff and other stakeholders. We spent time listening and reflecting and over time a new name emerged that we are proud to launch tonight.

At this important stage in the organisation’s life I salute my fellow Board members, our hard working CEO, Debra Zanella, and the many staff and volunteers who make up the organisation.

Services include:

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