Chasing Wildflowers

Posted: August 27, 2020 in Uncategorized
Cowslip Orchards at Canna

We’ve just got back from a drive around the midwest, chasing wildflowers. With borders closed, West Australians are being encouraged to #wanderoutyonder. There’s a lot to see around our state, but travelling with a focus on wildflowers is a great way to travel the state at this time of the year.

One of the highlights was Mingenew situated 380km north of Perth. Near to Mingenew is the Coalseam Conservation Park which was the site of WA’s first coal mine, but is now the home to carpets of everlastings.

From Mingenew we drove a little further north to Canna, a townsite that consists largely of a tiny store, and a Lutheran Church. But Canna is a popular place for orchid hunters. The thing about looking for native orchids is that you need to keep your eyes near your feet. They’re tiny, and it’s easy to miss them. But when you do, it’s a great thrill. Tiny as they are, native orchids are absolutely beautiful.

Blue Fairy Orchid

Before we left the area we wanted to see the Wreath Flower, Lechenaultia macrantha . Western Australia is the only place in the world to see this unique plant, often found on roadsides. After following some advice from locals we were delighted to find the Wreath Flower near Perenjori.

Wreath Flower Lechenaultia macrantha 

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