Translation from the heart

Posted: October 15, 2020 in Uncategorized

I found it inspiring to hear Noongar man, Tom Little talking about his work in translating the book of Ruth in the Bible into the Noongar language of the south west of Western Australia.

Tom first got involved in Bible translation when his mum and his aunty began translating Luke’s Gospel a decade ago. As a matter of interest my dad was also involved in that ground-breaking work that saw a major piece of literature translated from English to Noongar.

Tom has done this work largely on his own, with the support of the Bible Society in Australia and it is clearly a work from the heart. Watch this short video from my “Inspire Newscast” series to hear Tom’s story.

An accomplished musician, Tom provides backing to this video from his own didjeridoo music and takes us into the studio where the words from an ancient piece of literature, translated into a language that nearly went missing, are brought alive through the medium of 21st century technology.

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  1. Katrina says:

    Fantastic Rob, thank you. The Book of Ruth is being launched in the St Georges Cathedral on 28th November, I don’t have any further details at the moment. Tom has done a great job of Luke and Ruth and is now working on the Beatitudes, unless he has changed his mind.

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