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compass-10pwuk7-300x300Sailing or boating is not my thing despite a story I told in church last week about a time myself and two friends sailed a surf cat off Fremantle many years ago, in an effort to board a US aircraft carrier. Needless to say we weren’t successful.

Anyone involved in sailing should be aware of the concept of position fixing. I wonder if amateur sailors still have the skills associated with using a map and compass in an age when the GPS is increasingly popular, but fixing your position involves taking measurements of distances and angles, usually from three reference points. It’s an important aspect of navigation.

I started to think about this after reading a statement in the Bible that said: “Fix your thoughts on Jesus”. On reflection, it seems to me that this is not just thinking about Jesus to the neglect of all other thoughts. Rather it’s a bit like fixing your position in navigation. If the way we navigate life involves fixing our position on Jesus everything else falls into place.  In much the same way, if the fixing point is our career, our rights, our comfort, our happiness, or our wealth, the way we do life becomes controlled and directed by those things.

It seems to me that in an age where we hear about people who have “lost their moral compass” and are lacking direction, we need more than ever to fix our position, and our thoughts, on Jesus.