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Hello Sunday Morning is an exciting new initiative by a group of young people who figured that something needed to be done to address what has begun to emerge as a dangerous culture in Australian society – the binge drinking culture.


Hello Sunday Morning is a movement towards a better drinking culture.

According to the ABOUT page on the Hello Sunday Morning website, the purpose is to “provide a platform for individuals to create meaningful change in their lives by taking a short break from alcohol. By sharing their story, each persons’ stand is a unique and essential contribution to a better drinking culture.

“Hello Sunday Morning is a way for any individual to take a break from drinking and recreate the drinking culture around us. Since 2010 nearly 10,000┬ápeople have signed up to go 12 weeks or more without alcohol, and blog about their journey on Hello Sunday Morning.”

I welcome any move towards addressing a culture that is creating a great deal of pain and suffering and is a major cost to our society in the areas of health, relationships, justice, and much more.

Well done to those people who are behind this initiative and those who are prepared to join up and make some personal changes