The Great Nest Mystery

Posted: November 5, 2020 in Uncategorized

Back in August some large nests began appearing around the City of Kalamunda. It was clearly an art installation, as each nest had a label numbering the nests and giving details of a techno-music track.

Recently two more nests have appeared. The location of the nests was a mystery except that the numbering gave those who were interested the opportunity to begin searching, sharing stories and joining in the hunt.

“Kalamundanests” on Instagram gave some hints, including the possibility that the first nest was on the beach at Yallingup, but all the others were in the City of Kalamunda.

There were some unique aspects to the mystery. Each of the nests were different and the music tracks were different (all techno). However, there was something well planned and executed in their secretive arrival and placement. There have been no complaints because there was nothing offensive or illegal about them.

In fact, the Mayor of the City of Kalamunda, Margaret Thomas has been a big supporter of the nests, as well as a keen “nest hunter”.

My latest #inspirenewscast puts me on the trail of the nests. Go and check it out. The link is at the top of the page, but if you’ve missed any of my earlier weekly newscasts, check them out at my YouTube channel:


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