From Techno to Rock

Posted: November 12, 2020 in Uncategorized
Johnny Young

Well, last week my Inspire Newscast got me into techno music, the music that accompanied the giant nests that have been appearing around Kalamunda. (check out last week’s Inspire Newscast if you haven’t seen it.)

This week I’ve gone back to old fashioned rock and roll. I went to a Remembrance Day concert organised by the Kalamunda branch of the RSL and caught up with veteran entertainer, Johnny Young, who appeared along with another veteran of the industry, Peter Anderson and the Troupadores.

Johnny’s inspiration for being involved in Remembrance Day concerts and other RSL events is his long time friendship with Normie Rowe, another legend of Australian rock and roll who was deeply affected by his time in Vietnam in 1969 and 1970.

I talked to Johnny about mentoring in the light of his time as producer and presenter of Young Talent Time from 1971-1988. More than 40 young people were mentored by Young and many went on to develop successful music careers. He is clearly very proud of his achievements in this area.

Hope you enjoy this video, including the old time rock and roll.

  1. janvan12014 says:

    Hi Rob, Didn’t Johnny Young do jail time for offenses against several he “mentored”?

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    • Rob Douglas says:

      No, Debbie Byrne suggested that she was given drugs during her time on the show, but Young maintained that she was already being influenced in that area, and it was a roadie, or someone else on the set who was influencing her.

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