On the Road

Posted: November 26, 2020 in Uncategorized

I have a long-time interest in not for profit organisations and enjoy seeing how various organisations operate. As I spent time researching my latest video, I couldn’t help but sense that the Veteran Car Club of WA set a great example of a successful not for profit organisation.

Members would join the club because of a shared interest in old vehicles, but the extent of that interest varies dramatically. The process of restoring old vehicles can extend to a wide variety of skills and expertise, but there are roles in the club for people who don’t have those practical hands-on skills required for restoration.

While this video is about the Veteran Car Club and I enjoyed seeing the range of vehicles that are owned and restored by members, I felt I learned a lot more. It was about how a club works well. Clubs and associations are a critical part of any civil society and it’s good to see them working well.

Had great fun with this video – go and have a look.

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