The Mandolin Maker

Posted: December 3, 2020 in Uncategorized

It was a real privilege to meet the guest of this week’s Inspire Newscast, Paul Duff. Paul’s been around Bluegrass music for a lot of years and Bluegrass Parkway is apparently the longest,continually active bluegrass band in Australia.

But Paul is not just a musician (is there such a thing as “just a musician”?). Paul builds mandolins and has developed an international reputation for producing replicas of the F5 mandolin produced by Gibson in the 1920’s.

One of the things I loved about meeting Paul was his humble approach to producing the very best quality product, and it came out of a love for both the instrument and the music that it produces. He’s been building mandolins since 1982 and clearly his passion hasn’t dwindled in that time.

Please watch this five minute video and enjoy Paul’s story – and listen to a bit of bluegrass in the process.

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